Wie lange ist jetzt?

A Philosophical Attempt to Ask How Long Now Is and Take the Visitors on a Mesmerizing Journey
Installation Experience Design
Colin Schmid Edna Hirsbruner Janina Tanner

Dive in into the question of "now".

Due to the exhibition taking place during Christmas time, the thrill of anticipation inspired us that Advent brings. Therefore we questioned ourselves, "how long is now?".

A question that is likely to be asked by a child, yet it is profound. We often do not take time in our everyday lives to catch a breath and be mindful and aware. And too fast, time flies without us being able to perceive, enjoy and briefly capture the moment.

The moment of "now" is something paradoxical. On the one hand, it's all we have - we all are here-, and at the same time, it's gone as soon as we become aware of it. So being mindful and letting go seem to be the keys to the "now".
Perhaps they are also the keys to joy.

We aimed to create a mesmerizing experience that allows visitors to havea short getaway. We created this kinetic art installation in the church "Drei Köningen" near the train station Enge in Zurich with a playful and philosophical approach.

This project arose in the yearly collaboration between the Interaction Design Department of ZHdK and the organization "Kirche Urban", where Interaction Designstudents can attend voluntarily.

The whole performance was live-streamed on Youtube.

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