A plugin for video call software, which supports the presenting person by ambient sound.
Sonic Interaction Service Design
Alec Nikolov David Wollschlegel Sonia Tao

How can the feedback culture in online presentations be improved?

Have you ever had an online presentation where you felt lost talking to a lifeless screen, not knowing if the audience was still listening or even present?
Yes, we get it! It sucks.
And this is the part where we conceptualised and prototyped DASEIN.
We aim to reduce the lack of feedback from your audience during online presentations.

DASEIN is a plugin for video call programs, which supports the presenting person by ambient sound. The plugin makes it auditory clear how the attention of the audience is. Distractions are detected via face-tracking of the listeners and then transmitted with a subtle sound effect between the presenting and inattentive people.

The DASEIN plugin tracks...

... the absence of a person (by tracking the presence of the head)
... the movement of the mouth (by talking)
... the movement of the head

DASEIN improves the experience of giving your next online presentation.

To get a deeper insight into our process, research, and behind the scene, I recommend looking at our blog.

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