Energetic Zauberwald

Mesmerizing Interactive Installation in the Snowy Swiss Alps
Light Installation Experience Design
Baran Güneysel Corvin Springer Andreas Bütler as members of Kreis16

Dive into the green electric circuit and be part of the flowing energy.
The visitors are the missing link of the installation, and through their interaction and exploration together, the heart can light up in full glory.

The installation enhanced the curiosity and wonder of the visitors and left young and old ones with a sparkle in their eyes.

The four buzzers affect the heart differently, changing beautiful, playful, and explorable visuals and the soundscape's impact. The big crescendo happens when all the buzzers are active simultaneously.

The most challenging part of this project was the weather conditions while planning and building. It took place from 10th until 30th December 2021 in the mountains with low temperatures. During the night, it could get -15° and during the day +15° in the sun. Not to forget the snow and the possibility of rain. Up to 4000 people in an evening visited Zauberwald.
It was all the more heartwarming and impressive to see people interacting with it joyfully and laughing.

The installation was realized as a project of the Kreis16 collective in cooperation with EWZ.

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