Dailies by Everywiss

An Ongoing Daily Based Project to Meet My Inner Fault Finder, to Grow and Play Around.
Visual Coding

Progress beats perfectionism

Inspired by a friend and artist Ottinzky, I started that project to become friends with my inner critic voice.

I started my first ones with programming in p5.js and changed after around 220 visuals to TouchDesigner. In the summer of 2022, it transformed into analogue sketches with paper, pen, or watercolour. After that I explored frame by frame animations with Procreate and am currently drawing 3D objects on my iPad.

Posting on Instagram serves like a logbook. The inhibition level is much higher, not having a cushy number. It helps to raise trust in progress instead of perfectionism.

The visuals are all made day by day, every day.

Doing that each day gives me more back than I invest into it. It embarks me daily to play around just like a kid in the sandbox. I discovered the free-flowing artist in me, which I really enjoy in addition to my design and conceptual work. 

But the effects go deeper; I strengthen the connection to my working process, it supports self-reflection, and I now truly trust myself and my commitment. It helps me stay proactive, curious and open-minded, not afraid of making dumb shit. 

If you are interested in this method, I'm really open to having a chat about it. Just drop me a message.

To watch all of it, go over to my Instagram channel and scroll down.

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