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Playful Ways to Make Ideas Grow
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What project comes to mind that you never finished? What projects always remained just ideas? And you know when you're on the go and super inspired, but as soon as you sit down, the air is out?

Many people feel the same way when it comes to ideas and projects. Everything is going fast in your mind, but the execution looks different. Plagued by inner critical voices, perfection and all kinds of distractions, many good ideas are already nipped in the bud before they can unfold their potential.

GoD is aimed at people who already consider themselves creative and want to implement their ideas successfully. The primary goal is not to develop new ideas but to create an environment where existing ideas can grow.

Garden of Doing's tools has already inspired hundreds of people during the bachelor's diploma exhibition. They used playful tools to put a face to their critical voices. Most of the time, they made little monsters and smiled happily at them afterwards. This playful way lets people easily deal with their critical voices, so creativity flows better.
Then, in the end, the most powerful tool to make ideas grow is you.

Then, in the end, the most powerful tool to make ideas grow is you.

There is no one solution for everyone.
That's why workshops are created in this framework to help people specifically with their inner blockages. Participants get in touch with their intrinsic motivation and a platform for exchange so that their creative growth remains long-lasting.

Go to the website of Garden of Doing to get a deeper insight and keep yourself updated on the upcoming workshops.

Garden of Doing was created as part of my bachelor thesis at the Zurich University of the Arts in Interaction Design.
It was exhibited at ZHdK in June 2022 and is virtually still exhibited here.  

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