I'm Alessia


I'm Alessia

An Interaction Designer based in Zurich focused on creating experiences for harmony. :)

Let's make things playful, rather than painful.

I'm an Interaction Designer who is enthusiastic about using playfulness to create positive change.
My aim is to help individuals in overcoming roadblocks and achieving their objectives.

I approach my work with a mix of educational and artistic thinking, finding my niche at the intersection of design, strategy, and communication. It's the fascinating interplay between creative processes, human behavior, and work organization that fuels my passion.

The dream of a harmonious world filled with creative solutions is what drives me. 🟡



FutureHabits gives purpose driven entrepreneurs the recipes to make their mission playful, not painful—all with simple habits.

Garden Of Doing

At Garden Of Doing, I am creating workshops for teams and companies to help people grow beyond their creative blocks.


I am part of the design and art collective Kreis16, which specialises in interactive installations and experiences.

2019 -

Bachelor in
Interaction Design

Hurra Hurra! Since Summer 2022, I'm holding a diploma in Interaction Design from the University of the Arts Zurich in my hands.

2018 -

Graphic Design

This is the station where I sharpened my visual and typographic skills at an advertising agency as a graphic design intern.
But it didn't sharpen my barista skills since I never had to run around and serve others coffee. ☕

2012 -

Interior Design/
Visual Merchandising

In my four-year apprenticeship in a furniture store, I learned the core of designing in three-dimensional space, the psychology of consumer behaviour, crafting skills with different materials, and structured working.


curious mindset

As an Interaction designer, I'm convinced about the importance of empathy.
In side jobs in various fields during my studies, I enhanced my understanding of multiple fields, situations, problems and user scenarios.
I worked as a sitting guard in a hospital, at the reception in a hotel, as a saleswoman, as a marketing content manager at a big insurance, and in gastronomy.